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EveryMark Changelog

Thursday, May 1st 2014 v0.3.6

  • Add mark form now submits asynchronously

Wednesday, April 30th 2014 v0.3.5

  • Bookmarklet now loads all of its code from an external js file to eliminate the need for user updates
    • /bookmarklet.js
    • bookmarklet served up securely to avoid potential cross-domain issues
    • address appended with random number to avoid caching issues
  • Additional data collected for troubleshooting/statistics
    • UA string
    • source (form/bookmarklet, version number)
  • Detect thumbnail errors, fallback to placeholder thumbnail

v0.3 (from memory)

  • Feature: remove marks, view date added
  • Feature: collapsible sections in right pane
  • Feature: usage meter
  • Event handlers made more efficient
  • Mobile Safari scroll momentum support
  • Input is now sanitized

v0.2 (from memory)

  • Overhaul of the layout
  • Numerous backend (PHP/database) improvements
    • Security measure: enforced a limit on number of marks

v0.1 (from memory)

  • tested core concepts


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