Posted by Spencer on March 12th, 2015

I had a little free time yesterday evening so I spent it experimenting with Astra‘s API. Astra is a really cool service created by my talented coworker John Workman. The idea is to provide intelligent cloud storage and CDN services with a straightforward API, with much simpler (and cheaper!) pricing than you get with similar providers.

I started by using cURL to upload and get some files. But I quickly found myself wanting to be able to see how much storage I was using at a glance. So, I built a little tool to do just that.

This was also a good opportunity to work with Handlebars. I’ve used Handlebars and similar style templating frameworks, but never from start to finish on my own. It was deceptively simple, and fit in well with an object-oriented approach.


The finished product is very minimal- in fact, I did absolutely no styling. But it does what I want, and really didn’t take much time at all to put together. If you’ve got an Astra account, give it a whirl!

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