Ebola Screening Material

Posted by Spencer on October 27th, 2014

My wife Cindil just returned from Guinea, where she was working to help create and implement Ebola response policy. Though she did not knowingly come into contact with anyone who had Ebola, she nonetheless needs to monitor her health for 21 days- the maximum incubation period for Ebola. This is some of the educational material they gave her at the airport. Can’t blame them for being thorough!

Ebola screening kit material

Above are the contents of the US screening kit given out to passengers who have recently traveled to West Africa. Included is a digital thermometer and a C.A.R.E. card. Closeup on the card:

Ebola CARE card

The back of the card has a unique ID number, and contact information for reporting health conditions or asking questions.

Ebola care kit symptom card and log

This is the cover of the log they provide for tracking symptoms. The depictions of symptoms on the cover are wonderfully explicit. Oh, so THAT’S what diarrhea is.

US Ebola screening kit health advisory card

Cindil says she saw this card all over the place. In airports, offices, everywhere.

French Ebola info card

While the US provides a whole packet of information, France keeps it simple- just a single card.

Temperature on French ticket

In France, when they check your temperature, they down on your ticket. Don’t worry, it’s a healthy number!

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