Family Photo Project: The Beginning

Posted by Spencer on December 11th, 2012

My mom was the chief chronicler of family events, documenting every birthday, award ceremony, and lazy summer day with photos. She collected these into many large photo albums, complete with captions and goodies such as newspaper clippings.

Shortly before her passing several years ago, I inherited many of these albums.  I’m not sure they were all meant for me- in fact, I’m certain some were intended for Nate, and I might have one for Maya as well. These heavy tomes have followed me through three moves. But it dawned on me just recently that these treasure troves of family memories are one fire or flood away from vanishing.

I have thus begun a project of some magnitude, which is to scan all of the photos and make them available for family to download. My rough estimates put it at around 1200 images that need to be scanned, edited, captioned, dated, uploaded, and organized. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year, but looking at the sheer volume of work (on top of, you know, working and having a life), I may not hit that target. Still, I’ll do everything I can to get this taken care of and made available to the family. I’ll document this project here on my blog, so anyone out there that’s as interested in learning about the steps and stats as I am can look forward to that. Wish me luck!

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