5 Reasons I Want a Casio Watch

Posted by Spencer on November 19th, 2012

Folks, after being a watch-guy for most of my life, I’ve been without one these last six years for one reason or another. Meet the Casio F10SW-1A Illuminator:

  1. I owned this watch as a kid. In fact it was my first watch, a birthday gift from my mom and dad.
  2. It’s rugged and utilitarian, with a reputation for being reliable. Water resistant? Check. Backlight? Check. Multifunctional? Check.
  3. It’s kinda dorky and, well, so am I.
  4. Hipsters love it. Okay, that’s sort of a reason not to wear it. But at least I could argue that some subset of the population considers it trendy.
  5. Al Queda loves it. Or at least they supposedly love its close cousin, the F91W. Enough so that the CIA has used possession of a Casio watch as reason to extend the detention of Guantanamo Bay detainees. While I’m certainly no fan of Al Quaeda, I think Guantanamo Bay and extrajudicial detention is an abomination. So wearing a Casio will be my own little fuck you to the CIA/Military Industrial Complex.

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