Local Installation of WP

Posted by Spencer on April 19th, 2012

Another hour, another small step forward. Tonight I installed WP locally so I can practice theme development. I installed it to the root folder of my MAMP setup. Then I decided I really wanted it under a subdirectory, in case I wanted to add more installs later. NO DICE! WordPress is made very unhappy if you try to do that. So then I followed the step-by-step on the WP Codex for the proper method of moving to a new directory… and no luck. Tried several times, had to keep manually editing the database to reset it after each failure. So, for now I’m just going to work with it as is, and maybe at some point in the future I’ll figure the rest of it out.

I then downloaded lots of sample data, and plugged that into the scratch blog. So now I have a pretty functional local test environment. We’ll see where this gets me!

Meanwhile, here on the spencerponte.com site I finally got around to updating to WP 3.3.1. Of course, I should have realized it would destroy the container I had made for it. Which is fine, because frankly that container needed a lot more work before it was ready to go live. At least I’ve got it backed up locally. Once I get some more practice under my belt, I’ll improve that container and put it back on the live site.

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