A new project

Posted by Spencer on March 22nd, 2009

While i take a quick break from my dad’s insurance website, I’ve picked up a side project. I want to make a blog about various bits of media news.

It was entirely inspired by a sign Cindil spotted driving home. There’s a chiropractic office in Ypsi that always puts funny/random things on their sign, this night it read “Don’t let the media kill your dreams”. Of course I had to take a picture… and when I got to thinking later, that would be a marvelous title for a blog I’d been thinking about starting on media news, with my insight.

And so, I’ve purchased that domain, and I’ll be working soon on getting a very customized wordpress up and running. Maybe it was a bit spontaneous… we’ll see where it goes. At any rate, I’m just out the price of a domain name, whatever.

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