Wedding Blues

Posted by Spencer on February 15th, 2009

After hours of attempting to design a wedding website with just HTML, I’ve given up. I surrender. Even once I sorted out all of my issues with the tables to create the look I wanted, it still didn’t look… quite… that good. A little cheap and amature, to be more precise. I was trying to make something on par with the other wedding websites I’ve seen, like this one for instance. But no luck. So now I’m thinking I need to approach it differently, probably design the whole thing in Photoshop and just imagemap the the links where they need to be. I know, it’s cheating. Maybe I can find some middleground…imagemap some parts, go with a background image instead of a solid color… work something out. Either way, it’s going to mean a lot more time working in Photoshop, and with a pad and paper. Cindil’s not the hardest critic to satisfy, but she has taste and she knows if something works or not.

For now though, I’m taking a break and installing 10.5, we’ll see if a fresh install fixes my Developer problems.

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